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I took a trip to New Zealand! Read my weblog to learn about my adventures.

I finally found, downloaded, and rolled-out some photo album software. So, take a gander at my pictures.

This is a list of my music while I'm on the road.

I wish I had more time and energy to contribute to the Free Software movement, but alas my life isn't set up that way just yet. So, for now, please accept these humble offerings.

In February of 1998, I took a bunch of friends down to the Caribbean to observe a total eclipse of the sun.

It was a foggy night, so there was no "view" to speak of, but I've been to the top of Sutro Tower.

Get Firefox I think the best web browser in the world is Mozilla Firefox. Give it a try! No more pop-up ads, tabbed browsing, and super-fast performance.
The best office suite is LibreOffice. I believe in open file formats. They is good for users because then there will be true competition between applications that fill various niches. Also, open file formats lets people avoid vendor lock-in, keeping prices down.
My favorite distribution of Linux. Easy to use (everything just works). Easy to maintain. Lots and lots of software applications. Very low hassle.

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